Push Your Limit™ Runs stand for building self-esteem, strength and confidence.
Push Your Limit™ Runs stand for building self-esteem, strength and confidence.
2nd Annual Push Your Limit 1/5/10K

Chip Timing

Chip-timing has been arranged to help gauge your progress year over year. Trophies/Medals will be given to first, second, and third place winners in each category: 10 & Under 1st, 2nd and 3rd place; Male and Female categories in Age Groups: 11-14; 15-19; 20-24; 25-29; 30-34; 35-39; 40-44; 45-49; 50-59; 60-69; 70-75; 75-79+ Masters Division. Runners, walkers and "rollers" are all welcome! Special awards may awarded in special race events.




Booths and Prizes

Door prizes and vendor booths will be available. A waiver is located on the registration form and should be signed by all participants in the fun run and walk. 1K for those little ones! 5K and 10K for those big folks.






No Age Limitations

No limitation on age, but those under 18 should be accompanied by an adult. The 1K is suggested for the smaller children who might not be able to make the 5K or 10K trek, or those who can not run over the 1K distance.

EARLY BIRD Special = $20 registration fee for 5K or $30 registration fee for 10K -- 1K for kids is only $10 until May 1. No discounts on special unless related to school or business codes.  




Welcome to Jakub's Ladder™ Push Your Limit™ Fun Runs -- a site dedicated to renewal.

Eligibility for meals

  • Usually 60 years old or older
  • Reside within the service area
  • Primarily homebound or have little or no help
  • Have physical or mental impairments, which make meal preparation difficult

Income is not a criteria for service. All people who receive Meals on Wheels are asked to make a voluntary contribution to share in the costs of the meals. No one is ever refused service because of inability to contribute.  We do not currently have a waiting list for service for people who apply directly for Meals on Wheels and are found to be eligible. Short-term service is also available for up to six weeks for those who are recuperating from serious illness or other situations. In some cases, service is provided for a spouse or other caregiver who is at risk of becoming overwhelmed by the responsibilities involved in the caring of an individual.  Clients’ situations change, persons recovering from surgery may gradually become able to provide for themselves or a caregiver may become available at the noontime hour. When this occurs, we take clients off our program to accommodate others in need. Also, a member of our Client Services' team visits each client frequently to assess their individual situation.














Rick Arminger Leadership Speech

In 2005 my dear friend Dave Watkins was diagnosed with a cardiac condition that required surgery to correct the defect. His successful aortic valve replacement saved his life. Not long after this harrowing experience, Dave approached me with the idea of creating Ironheart. Our purpose would be to support, educate and inspire athletes and individuals whose lives were affected by heart disease. It was easy to say yes since my own son died from a heart defect, my grandfather died of a heart attack when my dad was 16, and one of my closest friends in the world was nearly robbed of his life by heart disease. It was an honor to be the second member of Ironheart.

Since then, Ironheart has grown into a vibrant community where athletes of all levels and ages can challenge themselves and improve their mental and physical health through sport as well as support and educate other members in our community.








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Heroes with Second Chances

John is a zealous advocate for heart-healthy choices and second chances.
Dec. 17, 2011, John Kolker dropped dead of a sudden cardiac arrest, caused by a myocardial infarction at the age of 49.
Resuscitated at the scene by courageous volunteers trained in CPR with an AED, an automated external defibrillator, he spent three iffy days refusing to come out of a therapeutic hypothermia induced coma. Graciously, John came out of the coma and underwent successful cardiac catheterization and stent placement to two blocked coronary arteries.

John is an Army Veteran, was a smoker for 31 years, overweight since his release from active duty in the 90’s and severely inactive. He never went to the doctor for checkups. His lifestyle had killed him. With his second chance at life, John quit smoking and began frequent medical screenings and researching his rehabilitation options. 
Not only has he lost over 56 pounds since his heaviest weight, but he has completed 12 sprint triathlons, several bike rides of over 50 miles to include one across the entire state of NJ. John joined the Ironheart Foundation. After being inspired by Ironheart founder Dave Watkins, his involvement with Ironheart continues as he prepares for more sprint triathlons and long-distanced hikes in 2016 and 2017 to raise heart-health awareness and funds for Ironheart Foundation.


The Jakub's Ladder™ Push Your Limit™ organization and site have been solely dedicated to supporting the 4th Annual PUSH YOUR LIMIT 1/5/10K Fun Runs that benefit individuals who have become disabled through physical, emotional, or disease states and conditions that cause them to have to alter their lifestyles. PUSH YOUR LIMIT intends to work to help build self-esteem and confidence in those who participate in the race as one of the key benefits of being a participant in the race is to receive a finisher's medal. Our organization offers continued support with our partners to learn more about their services and continued dedication to their causes.


Previously, the race has been devoted to help families through
 Trinity Outdoors Disabled Adventures and Hope For The Warriors®, as well as helping support Ironheart Foundation,
who not only work to change lives, but help save them through caring support and knowledge of prevention. These organizations share a similar mission that will allow many new beginnings for many disabled families and individuals by helping make their obstacles become minimized through research and by viewing their life from a different perspective -- what we hope will become new opportunities for many enabled individuals as the organization grows. We continue to be honored by association with each of these organizations, and look forward to other events with them as our organization expands its reach.


PUSH YOUR LIMIT™ began from the heartfelt desire of helping those who need to be lifted up by active outdoor motivation that builds up confidence and self-esteem in those that are affected by disabilities. As we approach our fourth year, we have used the race to inspire people (some who have even been healing from surgery) to come walk, roll or run to push their limit so they may feel good about themselves, as well as participate in as many outdoor activities as possible each day for better health. This includes fishing, hiking, canoeing, and many types of sports that can be enjoyed with other people. This year is a very special transitional period, as Push Your Limit™ Fun Runs begins a broader breadth into helping raise awareness, while raising money to help research of chronic diseases. Understanding that nutrition is so important to everyone at all ages, we are pleased to begin our efforts with
Meals on Wheels™ of Johnson & Ellis Counties.


PUSH YOUR LIMIT™ Fun Runs is proud to partner with COX RUNNING CLUB this year to support the efforts of Meals on Wheels of Johnson & Ellis Counties. Our values are harmonized in helping the elderly, those disabled by sickness, or genetic conditions who need the extra help while remaining in their own homes by lifting their spirits daily with support for both individuals and families. Those who participate will literally be running and “footin’ the meals!”


PUSH YOUR LIMIT™ Fun Runs will also be tying into other community efforts, so please feel free to form teams to help us all in supporting good health, nutrition and spirit or reach out on Active or 360athlete to help support our efforts, but join us so you will benefit your own health! This is about building support teams and awareness – we are stronger together and can grow healthier individually.


Changing lives through their service, Meals on Wheels of Johnson & Ellis Counties honors their mission serving the children of yesterday by helping needy homebound elderly and disabled persons remain independent and healthy in their homes by providing home-delivered meals, daily personal contact, and support for individuals and their families. Programs and education will be made available through social media as the celebration of good health and nutrition continues.


Meals on Wheels of Johnson & Ellis Counties is a community-based, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that serves homebound seniors and disabled persons throughout Johnson and Ellis counties. Founded in 1977, the organization currently serves nearly 3,000 people a year in a two-county service area that covers more than 1,700 square miles. The philosophy of Meals on Wheels is simple. Emphasis is placed on individuals versus numbers; communities as opposed to governmental boundaries; and timely services versus waiting lists.

As PUSH YOUR LIMIT™ expands to the next level, we are pleased to continually support this effort by “Footin’ the Meals” in the future as we also help with health research that allows our heritage to surface in a profound manner that will allow the blending of outdoor adventures to blend with even more medical conditions, and we hope to help conquer the symptoms associated with hunger, poor nutrition, and loneliness that leads to depression by offsetting them with support and human contact; even intergenerational encounters have such an impact on these people in need. Helping loved ones can be frustrating too, but resources are available and Meals on Wheels of Johnson & Ellis Counties can also help in locating services across the nation.

Some of those helpful resources are:


Johnson County - Green Book Resource Guide
Ellis County - Blue Book Resource Guide 
West Ellis County area services provided by the United Way of West Ellis County

Family Caregivers Online
The National Council on Aging
North Central Texas Area Agency on Aging

The following counties are served by Meals on Wheels of Johnson & Ellis Counties.
Alvarado, Cleburne, Godley, Grandview, Joshua, Keene, Lillian, Rio Vista, Venus
Avalon, Bardwell, Ennis, Italy, Maypearl, Midlothian, Milford, Ovilla, Palmer, Red Oak, Rockett, Waxahachie



Featured for the launch of the initial PUSH YOUR LIMIT 1K/5K/10K Fun Runs and Walk was Joshua Carney, who continues to epitomize the breadth of the organization's spirited recipients and has greeted participants in the past race while witnessing through his many talents and love for sharing his meaningful relationship with God and Trinity Outdoors Disabled Adventures. 


Volunteers and donors are always needed, and booths are available within the online registration. The registration is exclusively online (but followup contact will be made to donors and booth holders via phone and email), and your donations are completely tax deductible through the organization's 501c3 non-profit status. This year, all proceeds will go directly to Meals on Wheels of Johnson & Ellis Counties -- visit http://www.mowjec.org. We hope that you are as excited as we are to help others while we all grow in confidence and faith for a stronger tomorrow! 

Joshua Carney shown sighting his bow and arrow with help from Trinity Outdoors Disabled Adventures (TODA) personnel. 

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